The Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America, Inc. was founded in October 1993 at Indian Bluffs in Lexington, Mississippi. Indian Bluffs is the home of Billy Ellis, noted bowhunter and author. Billy, because of close relationships with several disabled bowhunting friends, spearheaded the effort to form a national organization to help disabled persons realize the therapeutic value of bowhunting.

Twenty-five disabled bowhunters from all over the United States gathered at Indian Bluffs on that cool rainy October weekend of 1993 to experience an outstanding exotic hunt that was donated by Billy Ellis. These remarkable individuals had disabilities that ranged from amputees, to par and quadriplegics, to persons with birth defects, to people with crippling diseases, to even a blind person. While there, with the guidance of Billy Ellis and several of his cohorts, this tremendously unique organization was formed. This determined group of people sat down and decided on a name and what the mission of this new organization would be. They elected officers and set priorities and goals for what they wanted their dream to accomplish. A short time later the newly formed Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America had a set of by-laws in place, were incorporated and had applied for a non-profit status.

Since that time, we have achieved our non-profit status, our membership has grown to several hundred individual members, and almost one hundred corporate members, and we have new members joining almost daily. We have helped a countless number of people achieve the ability to participate in the great sport of bowhunting. We arrange and sponsor various hunts and shoots throughout the country, we work with numerous state and national archery organizations to help assist them with ways to get the disabled involved with their activities, and we advise companies with ideas on different adaptive equipment that will help get the disabled bowhunting.

Since forming in 1993, the PCBA has opened the great outdoor sport of target archery, competitive archery and bowhunting to literally tens of thousands of physically challenged across the U.S. and Canada.

We’ve made great strives, but we have many more physically challenged individuals to help and many more who within the year will find themselves physically challenged due to an accident or illness.

It can happen to any one of us at anytime!