Adapt Equip

Adaptive Equipment Suppliers List


Below is a list of products known to the PCBA as a possible benefit to physically challenged sportsmen and women.  “No endorsement of any product by the PCBA is to be inferred from its inclusion on this list. Simple crank when mounted inside trigger guard lets you fire by pulling a handle.   Adaptive sports for amputees

Ameristep: Wheelchair accessible ground blinds.

BE Adaptive Equipment: Various equipment for all ranges of physical limitations

Compound Bow Rest and Holder: Takes the weight of bow and archer’s arm and steadies the bow while aiming and firing. The ideal draw lock companion. Converted Crossbow: Adapted for persons with physical disabilities. An option for someone without upper body function.

Dark Woods Double FF Handicapped Mobile HuntingWheelchair Accessible Blind

Draw-Loc: The Draw-Loc is a self retaining draw locking mechanism for compound bows. This product is designed to allow one to draw their bow back and lock it in the fully drawn, ready to shoot position. Also sold as a complete unit for anyone.

Extreme 4X4 Wheelchair: No ordinary power chair. Drives on sand, soft, wet or uneven terrain

EZGO By Textron:

G-Line Adapter:  The G-line Smart Shoot Adapter is designed for hunting, shooting sports and airsoft. It allows you to look through the scope on your smartphone. Using the G-line Smart Shoot Adapter, you can easily follow what is happening through the scope. The US distributor is JTQ Gear.

John Deere Gator The Gator® Utility Vehicles are for customers who need to haul heavy cargo over various terrain’s and conditions.

Kripple Kreek LLC:  home of the Mann Stand   link to  The ultimate in tree stand technology

Lone Star Field Products:  Versatile Rest System for wheelchair users

Lock-a-Draw Draw lock: Having Difficulty Drawing Your Compound Bow? The Lock-a-Draw Draw lock Is the Solution.

Permobil Corp: Wheelchair for outside activities

Powerhouse Work Tools: The Powerhorse Wheelchair Driver gives more freedom to do those every day tasks around the home, business or farm. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities by giving the operator independence, mobility, and reliability, while at the same time allowing you the ability to be self-sufficient.

Pullin Archery Bow Tensioning: Holds bow string fully drawn and ready to release.

Renegade Wheelchairs: Renegade all-terrain wheelchairs are a totally new concept in manual wheelchairs designed for mobility of the outdoor enthusiast without hand to wheel. These chairs are designed to go where no other manual chair can, hands down the ultimate all-terrain chair.

RipChair: The Ultimate Tracked Offroad Chair- Back In-Back In-Move Out

The Standing Company:    link to  For many years, The Standing Company has passionately worked to make people (now stuck in conventional wheelchairs) healthier and stronger — simply by standing up for themselves.

TracAbout: The IRV 2000 uses patented technology that allows an individual the freedom to access places they are unable to go with their wheelchair, motorized scooter, and power chair or under their own power.

TRS Prosthetics

Yamaha:  Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles may be categorized as “utility vehicles” but just get behind the wheel or buckle into the passenger seat to see it’s much more than a simple workhorse.